High TRIGLYCERIDES on a Plant Based diet? | The SOLUTION!

Elevated Triglycerides on a plant-based diet. 8 tips to lower Triglycerides AND cholesterol on high carb diets. The solution for High Triglycerides on a plant-based diet.

High Triglycerides on a plant-based diet? Triglycerides are a type of fat carried in our bloodstream. high Triglycerides are associated with cardiovascular risk.

Seeing Triglycerides go up leaves people concerned
Some ppl say keep your cholesterol low, even if ur Triglycerides go up
Others say fix your Triglycerides. Cut the carbs, Triglycerides will drop, ignore cholesterol. focus on the Triglycerides

So we gotta pick! Cholesterol or Triglycerides…
we can have great Cholesterol AND great Triglycerides at the same time.
Scientists tested 3 diets, one higher in carbs, one in protein and another in fat. all diets were reduced in saturated fat, cholesterol, and sodium, and rich in fruits, vegetables, fiber, potassium”

can you optimize Cholesterol AND triglycerides, by playing with nutrients?
All diets lowered serum cholesterol. expected from low saturated fat. But effect on Triglycerides was very different. protein and fat diets lowered Triglycerides, carbohyrate diet didn’t

So this means carbs are poison? No, all diets were high in carbohydrate. very high carbohydrate can raise Triglycerides but it depends on context, e.g. type of carbs

Some ppl always have great Triglycerides. But for those who see Triglycerides go up, this gives us options. we can lower BOTH cholesterol and Triglycerides

LDL-cholesterol and Triglycerides are estimates of apoB (root of cardiovascular risk)

type of fat: fat diet favored unsaturated fat, specifically monounsaturated. olive oil, nuts, avocados. they kept cholesterol low.

carb diet = 58% of calories from carbs, others = 48. we don’t necessarily need to go super low fat or low carb. people message me complaining about low fat and low carb

Ok lets look at actual foods to lower Triglycerides AND cholesterol

(1)weight loss lowers Triglycerides
(2) dietary: refined carbohydrates. White pasta, white bread, artificial breakfast cereal, sweets, soda

if your Triglycerides are too high, try replacing refined grains with whole grains

chia helps lower Triglycerides
study showed both protein and fat lower Triglycerides. some may be fine with higher carb and not have high Triglycerides.

drinks that can spike your Triglycerides: sweetened tea, coffee drinks with a lot of sweet additives

(3) people don’t associate with high Triglycerides: alcohol. It can have a powerful Triglyceride-raising effect

if you don’t eat any processed food and still have high Triglycerides: Natural sugars can raise Triglycerides in some people if eaten in large amount.

(4) dried fruit in large quantities can raise Triglycerides

Triglycerides still high?
(5) replace 10-20% of whole grains (quinoa, corn etc) with avocado
(6) starchy vegetables.
Triglycerides on plant-based diets. if you eat animal foods and your Triglycerides are high the principle is the same!

(7) in some people, fruit in high amounts can bump Triglycerides. if you’ve optimized everything else and Triglycerides are still high…

some fruits easier on the Triglycerides

so we can get great cholesterol and Triglycerides. Replacing carbs with saturated fat lowers Triglycerides but raises LDL-cholesterol. replacing carbs with monounsaturated fat lowered both Triglycerides and LDL-cholesterol. replacing carbs with polyunsaturated fats actually worked even better for cholesterol

get double whammy LDL-cholesterol AND Triglycerides!

more info on cholesterol and Triglycerides

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