Easy Vegan Mediterranean Chickpea Salad

Easy Vegan Mediterranean Chickpea  Salad

This is a quick, easy-to-make, vegan, Mediterranean, chickpea salad that will save the day or the week! Pop it in the fridge in a closed container for quick and healthy meals throughout the week! Stuff it in your favorite pita bread or eat it alone or with chips. I recommend pita chips because they add the perfect crunch without any additional flavors.

This salad is great to enjoy cold, on a hot summer day! Eating healthy does not have to be difficult or time-consuming, if anything it saves you time by not having to cook all your ingredients. All ingredients are raw besides the cooked quinoa. This light, refreshing, and healthy salad is great to bring along for a picnic or a potluck! Use organic ingredients for an even cleaner meal!

And don’t be afraid to make it your own. If you’d prefer to substitute the tri-color quinoa with white quinoa, go ahead and do that. If you want to leave the chickpeas out because you’ll be adding hummus, feel free to do that too. Sometimes adding the extra chickpeas bloats my stomach so I would understand 🥴. But if you love a simple hummus recipe, add in all the chickpeas you like! Season it to taste and add any other garnishes such as extra lime or lemon.

As for the bell pepper, you can choose any color you prefer. I like to add a variety of colors just for fun. It’s almost like a form of art to me!

Grab your glass of wine, turn on your favorite music, and have a fun time making this your own! I won’t bore you with a novel of a recipe blog for a simple recipe! Enjoy 😋

1/2 a cup of Tri-Color Quinoa (any kind will work)
Olive Oil
Himalayan Salt
Garlic Salt
Smoked Paprika
1 lemon
Half of a red onion
15 cherry tomatoes
1 orange bell pepper
3 mini cucumbers
Lettuce boats are used in this video but any kind will work.
Olives of choice- I used 2 different kinds
About 3/4 cup of sun-dried tomatoes
1 can of chickpeas
Pita bread or chips

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