Delightful Beetroot And Broccolini Tapas Part 2/3 #glutenfreevegan #plantbased #cooking

Part 2 of 3. @Melissasplantbasedkitchen
Making tapas dishes can be time-consuming, but these 4 plant-based and gluten-free tapas meals can be prepared in just 45 minutes, making it ideal for a weekday date night or a special treat on a Friday.

Boost the meal by adding some supermarket ingredients like hummus and gluten-free bread.
Part 1 is a plant-based antipasti tapas dish

Part 2 is this tasty beetroot and broccolini dish. While it seems fancy, it’s actually quite simple.

Part 3 is an amazing rosemary-roasted potato dish and a simple but delicious rocket and sundried tomato salad.
Some tips-
Prepare extra roasted vegetables from the antipasti to use in a salad for a quick meal the next day or in a vegan cheesy rice dish, combining them with extra beetroot, chickpeas, and broccolini.

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