4 Quarantine Vegan Recipes | Vegan Pantry Meals Challenge

*4 Meals in 2 Hours! *
Sounds like a win to us!

Whether you are trying to find meals during this crazy time or you’re watching a year from now and try to do a pantry challenge, we’ve got 4 delicious vegan pantry meals for you!

2 of the dishes use an instant pot, but there’s instructions for both on making them in the stove.

2 of the dishes take just 10 minutes to make.

These are filling and delicious meals that just you or your family and friends will love.

All of these can be Top 8 Allergen Free and 3 of them are super easy to make oil free or the pasta you can swap a sauce for the oil and that can be oil free too!


1. Vegan Tex Mex Rice –
2. Vegan Chickpea “Chicken” Salad –
3. Spicy Garlic and Oil Pasta –
4. Vegan Taco Soup –

Get our Vegan Pantry Survival List – The Vegan Foods That Last Longest –

Also – learn how to make your own taco seasoning easily:

Leave a comment below and let us know what you want to see next or let us know an ingredient you have in your pantry and we’ll give you an idea for how to use it up!

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