4-Ingredient, healthy spinach WRAPS #plantbased #plantbasedrecipes

I love wraps, it’s such an easy, quick and delicious way to make lunch. My only thing is that it’s sometimes tricky to find nourishing options in supermarkets (or they are super expensive!). So I’ve started experimenting with making my own and I can’t believe it took me so long, it’s a lot easier than I thought 😊

For these wraps, we are combining oats, flax seeds, soy milk, spinach and iodised salt. All great ingredients to consume on a daily basis 😍 they are super nourishing packing up to 4g of fibre and 6.5g of protein per wrap.

They are also super cheap and come to approx. AUD$0.30 per wrap (price calculated with Woolworths ingredients).

Best of all they are super strong and flexible and somehow even better the day after so you can absolutely prep a batch or two and keep them in the fridge!

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