3 Complete Protein That Are Plant-Based Part 2 #buckwheat #splitpeas #turnipvegan #plantbased

3 More Complete Plant-Based Proteins 👇🏾Part 2

Peace and blessings! Here is Part two to 3 of the complete plant-based proteins. A quick refresher: a complete protein has all nine essential amino acids our bodies can not produce. Last time, we covered some heavy hitters, but the list continues beyond there. Check out these three more plant-based champs:
Split Peas: These little green peas are more than just soup stars. Yellow peas are used in many vegan protein powders and contain those essential amino acids.
Buckwheat: Buckwheat is slept on and is a suitable replacement for rice and grains. Try it as a hot cereal with fresh fruit.
Pumpkin Seeds: Remember to consider these tiny titans. Pumpkin seeds are a sneaky source of complete protein. Perfect for snacking, topping off a salad, or adding a crunch to your baking.

Have you got more plant-based protein faves? Let’s hear them in the comments! Keep fueling that plant-based journey.

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