What To Do With Leftover Hummus

What To Do With Leftover Hummus

Gobbling a spoon of hummus with pita bread is so fulfilling, isn’t it? With the smooth texture, warm taste, and of course, the flavors, one cannot just stop licking away the last patch of this flavorful beauty.

No doubt hummus marrying pitta bread is the best combo one can ever get, nonetheless let’s fast forward a bit and understand that one can use them for more than just a dip. Spreading a spoonful of leftover hummus on sandwiches or burgers (brownie points if it’s grilled) can level up your culinary skills and take your taste buds on a journey full of flavors.

With such incredible savors, it’s absolutely a big no to discard the leftover hummus resting in your refrigerator. Now, the question is, how are you going to use those 2 spoons of hummus? Well, we got your back.

We’ve curated a list of dishes you can try with your leftover hummus so that you can relish the taste without thinking of throwing them away.

1. Hummus – Potato Patty Burgers:

Burgers are absolute love. Hogging a potato/veg patty burger during this season is quite fulfilling. You can use your leftover hummus here and elevate the taste of your snacking sesh. Add a generous spoon of hummus to your finely chopped and cooked red onions, vegetables of your choice, boiled potatoes, salt, and pepper with a dash of parsley. Once you mix them well, shape them into burger patties, shallow fry them, and voila. Bon appetite!

2. Baked Hummus Pasta:

Pasta loaded with hummus sounds like a truckload of flavors. If you’re a fan of pasta with a crispy layer of hummus, this one is for you. Take a small bowl and add leftover hummus, finely chopped garlic, paprika, cumin, and chili powder. Mix them well and coat them over steamed pasta. Squeeze the lemon over the coated steamed pasta and bake it for like 25-30 minutes. Preheat the oven before you begin baking. Enjoy this beautiful side dish that has a pinch of both tangy and crispiness.

3. Hummus Pizza:

Bored of your regular pizza sauce? Well, you need to read this. Take a flatbread or pizza base and spread hummus over it. Add toppings of your choice (tomatoes, olives, cucumbers, capsicum, and corn goes well) and drop in a generous amount of cheese all over the base. Bake it for straight 12 minutes, and your hummus pizza is ready.

Ps: Hog it before someone steals the last slice from you!

4. Mashed Potatoes With Hummus:

Mashed potatoes with fresh beans, poached eggs, bacon strips, and a bowl full of fresh fruits is an ideal breakfast spree for all of us. Experiment with your mashed potatoes by adding a spoonful of hummus next time when you cook them. Hummus bonds well with butter and milk, and adding a pinch of black pepper over them can make you droll over those scrumptious mashed potatoes. Recipe developer Ella lopez from Dash of butter says, leftover hummus can easily last up to 2 weeks in the refrigerator. So, you can even enjoy this treat after a week or so.

5. Veg Hummus Wrap:

Feeling hungry but too lazy to grab a pan and cook something delicious? Wraps are here to rescue you. Jump into the refrigerator, grab the veggies that you have and roughly chop them. Saute them with pepper and salt for 2-3 mins. Once done, grab tortilla wraps and spread a spoonful of tomato sauce, chilly sauce, and hummus. Place those tossed veggies into the wrap and roll it well. Your food is ready in 10 minutes.

6. Soup It Up:

Adding a spoon of hummus to a bowl of soup can make it thick and play with its texture. Grab the jar of leftover hummus from your pantry and add a generous spoon of hummus when you cook a hot bowl of soup next time. We’re sure it’ll become a mandate once you give it a shot.

7. Devil Capsicum Hummus:

Stuffed capsicum is amazing. It’s a great source of proteins and can be cooked easily, without putting much effort into it. If you’re in the mood to experiment with capsicums, here’s a short recipe for you: Scoop out the middle of the capsicum making it hollow from the inside. Take a bowl and add a spoon of hummus, olive oil, salt, pepper, and finely chopped onions and mix it well. Fill the capsicum with this mixture and bake it. Enjoy them with chili or tomato sauce.

Pro tip: Take a pan and oil it well. Shallow fry these stuffed capsicums. Once the upper layer of the capsicum is cooked, remove them from the pan and serve them hot.

8. Avocado Tomato Hummus Sandwich:

Too lazy for chopping veggies and making a fulfilling sandwich stuffing? Don’t worry. Sometimes simple ingredients can do magic. Chop 2 big tomatoes. Take a loaf of bread and spread avocado and butter on it. Place 2-3 slices of tomatoes on the bread and sprinkle black pepper and salt. Grill the sandwich if you want and eat it with chipotle sauce. This will definitely become your go-to snack very soon.

9. Salad Dressing:

Working on your health and trying to lose some weight but cannot just give up on some tasty treat? Hummus can be your pal here. Salads are a good source of vital nutrients. It’s true that eating just boiled veggies with a pinch of pepper and salt is boring and tasteless. Add that leftover hummus to your salad to give a crunchy and creamy taste to your bowl of proteins and fiber. Doing this will make your salad interesting and creamy so that you don’t feel demotivated while you’re on your fitness journey.

Hummus is always considered a side dish but if you look closely, it’s more than just a mere dip. A household pantry and refrigerator are full of leftover edibles. Sometimes it gets stocked up but that doesn’t mean you need to straightaway discard them. Use your creativity, level up your culinary skills, and see which ingredient goes well with which dish. If you have an eye for food, you can surely use leftover food with ease. Do try these dishes and let us know your experience.

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