What I learned about sustainable living and travelling during my year abroad in California.

This year abroad taught me a lot about sustainable living and travelling. There is so much more to say, but I tried to put as much as I can in these 90 seconds.
If you are willing to learn more, look at the websites and resources I used when making this video:
***The links to websites and apps in the comments***
1. is an amazing website that shows impact of human actions in numbers. In section ‘purpose’ it provides information and ideas for forming better habits and living more fulfilled lives.
2. explains UN 17 Sustainable Development goals with detailed information and explanation, targets and real actions undertaken to achieve the goals:
3. University of Michigan created factsheets about how much carbon footprint our daily actions and choices (like transportation and diet) have. It also provides solutions and sustainable actions.
4. Documentaries to watch (trailers):
– Lead Me Home
– Seaspiracy
5. BlaBlaCar is an app or website that helps you find people to car share with.
6. Vegan Maps, HappyCow and Localvore are apps that support sustainable living and make it easier to find vegan or vegetarian food and local providers.

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