What I eat in a day as a VEGAN living in MEXICO

What I eat in a day as a VEGAN living in MEXICO

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Welcome to another what I eat in a day as a vegan living in Mexico!

Im starting my day off with a treat – I made a vegan carrot cake and used maple syrup as a sweetener. I also added some raisins. It turned out pretty good! And tasted even better with some coconut yogurt!
Then I went on a quick bike ride and went to a little veggie and fruit market, where I bought an interesting Mexican vegetable called chayote.

Chayote looks like the baby of a cucumber and a potato. Its actually a Mexican squash and it’s a great source of vitamin c and k as well as of minerals like folate and potassium.
I decided to make a raw salad with it!
I’m using 1 chayote, 2 tomatoes, half an onion, 1 orange and 1 can of black beans for protein.
Topping it off with salt, olive oil and apple cider vinegar. IT was super simple and super yummy!
Then it was already dinner time and we decided to go out to a Mexican restaurant – where I had the best corn of my life and some guacamole with chips!
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