Wards Hotel, The First ‘Vegan-Friendly’ Certified Hotel in The UK

International non-profit organisation, Vegan Friendly widely known for certifying restaurants and products has now certified its first hotel in the UK. 

The family-run Wards Hotel is a 3-Star hotel located in Folkeston, and is currently rated as one of the leading hotels in the area on TripAdvisor.


Boasting exposure to over 100,000 vegans across the UK, and 2,000+ international brands, Vegan Friendly was established in 2012 with the goal of making veganism more accessible by encouraging businesses and brands to add the association’s logo to their product or storefront. 

As well as the certification, Vegan Friendly also operates festivals, and delivers lectures on health, environment and ethics and their connection to the vegan lifestyle. 

“At Vegan Friendly, our goal is to make veganism accessible and easier for everyone,” said Noga Bronsky, CEO of Vegan Friendly UK. “After certifying hundreds of restaurants and product brands in the UK, we decided to expand our certification program to hotels and accommodations, as unfortunately vegans still struggle to find vegan friendly hotels.”

Bronsky goes on to outline how hotels can achieve a vegan friendly certification stating,“the hotel could either have the vegan friendly certification, meaning it has vegan room options and a good offering of vegan food, or a 100% vegan certification, meaning both the rooms and the food are fully vegan. Our certification for hotels can give customers peace of mind when booking their next holiday.”

Vegan Friendly’s Work 

Make The Connection

In March this year, Vegan Friendly launched its ‘Make The Connection’ advert that highlighted the hypocrisy between eating animal products and the link to…. 

Hapoel Tel Aviv

Image: Hapoeltlvbc Instagram Account

The organisation also announced the sponsorship of premier league basketball team Hapoel Tel Aviv. A sure way to gain exposure in both Israel and abroad as the team competes in the top league domestically and the Euro Cup which is Europe’s 2nd most competitive basketball league behind the Euro League. The Vegan Friendly logo can be seen on the team’s basketball court and the player’s jerseys.

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