Vegan Sources of Vitamin D

Vegan Sources of Vitamin D

Did you know that tofu can be fortified as well? While basic tofus don’t have everything your body needs to maintain a healthy diet, tofu enhanced with various vitamins and minerals can be a great source of nutrition for vegans and vegetarians.

How Much Is in it?

You can expect 120 IU to 160 IU of vitamin D for each serving of fortified tofu. This will be between 15% and 20% of the DV.


As with most fortified foods, this value may change depending on the brand and manufacturer.

Other Nutrients

Tofu may have more nutrients than you think, even the non-fortified version. Tofu is an excellent source of calcium, manganese, copper, selenium, vitamin A, iron, phosphorus, zinc, and magnesium.


Despite being so nutrient-dense, tofu is low in calories and carbs.

Best Uses

Tofu is a highly versatile food item that you can use in many vegan-friendly dishes. While it is sometimes used as a substitute for meat, there are many dishes where tofu is the star of the show. 


Since tofu doesn’t have a strong taste, it takes on the flavors of whatever you’re cooking with and is pretty popular amongst vegans and in Asian cuisine. Tofu can be eaten hot or cold and is one of the best alternatives to meat you can include in your diet.

Other Benefits

In addition to having high amounts of nutrients, tofu also has a variety of antinutrients, which help regulate nutrient absorption and prevent your body from intaking too much of a vitamin or mineral.


Tofu is fermented, so it is also the host to a bunch of healthy bacteria. This will help improve gut health and promote better digestion.

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