Vegan lifestyle – Should we stop using dairy in langar?

In today’s world the vegan lifestyle has become very prominent. The dairy industry has been exposed in recent years for being run in an extremely unethical and incompassionate way and has therefore supported the choice for many to not consume dairy products. Some Sikhs are becoming vegan as it connects in many ways to the ethical living values of Sikhi.

However, sometimes confusion can occur within the Sikh community to whether dairy should be used in the free kitchen, known as Gur ka Langar, which has been serving free food for over 500 years worldwide.

Removing dairy and other unhealthy food sources from your diet is encouraged to lower blood cholesterol levels and prevent certain chronic diseases. However, Karrah Prashad which is a sweet blessed food can only be made with Desi Ghee (purified butter).

In this video, we look at the Sikh perspective on the use of dairy products, through Gurbani (Guru’s words) and historical references. How can we change the culture of ethically sourcing and providing dairy products such as milk and butter in our Gurdwaras?

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