VAN TOUR | Vegan Buddhist Lives Minimalist Lifestyle on the Road

Are you a VAN TOUR addict like me?! Check out my friend’s tiny home on wheels. Time Stamps below! David is a vegan Buddhist living a minimalist lifestyle while traveling across the States. His digital nomad lifestyle has taken him around the world, and now he’s exploring the States in his 2001 Pleasure Way RD Excel van.

When I heard David was passing through my city, I just had to ask if I could tour his van. It’s so intriguing to see the variety of homes on wheels that are possible. There are people living, comfortably and happily, in cars, vans, busses, and trucks. Though David is comparatively living in luxury with his RV style van, even his version of #VanLife is very different from what the average American calls home.

I love that he has a bathroom and hanging closet. These details really make a van feel more like a home.

So, what do you think? What was your favorite part of this van dweller’s home? Could you see yourself living in a Van, RV, or even a Car or SUV?

It’s definitely a different way of existing than many of us are used to, but I don’t think any of us could deny the bliss of the freedom to move about the country as you please. I spoke to David the next day, and he was already on his way to his next city. Peace and blessings along your travels, David. Thanks for sharing your home with us all!

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Time Stamps:
Van Exterior- 1:02
Van Interior- 5:00
Kitchen- 7:37
Bathroom- 13:28
Bedroom- 15:48
Why David began his Van Life journey- 20:29

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