Valsoia Launches Vegan Gelato “Unlike Any Other Plant-Based Ice Cream on the Market” – vegconomist

Valsoia, Italy’s leading producer of plant-based products, launches a new line of Italian vegan gelato for consumers across Europe.

New flavours such as Espresso Cones with Chocolate Chips, and Triple Pistachio Mini Sticks join an extensive non-dairy range which includes Cocoa Swirl and Roasted Almond Cones, and vegan ice cream sandwiches.

The company states that its factory is 100 % dairy-free to avoid risk of cross-contamination with dairy products, and claims the “gelato is unlike any other plant-based ice cream on the market, thanks to expertly selected cashews, oats, rice, and soy, which provide the perfect canvas for a rich and delicious flavours experience.”

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The company produces a wide range of plant-based milks, yogurts, ice creams, puddings, cream cheeses, burgers and cutlets, pizzas, snacks, and condiments.

Valsoia’s Plant-based Gelato comes in sustainable packaging that is Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certificated, and the products carry the V-label certification.

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