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Easy 1-Pot Vegan Chili Recipe [ vegan + gluten free ]
Today’s recipe is an absolute staple in the Eamon & Bec household — chili sin carne! In a lot of ways this dish is a “kitchen sink” recipe because we take any and all veggies/beans/lentils we’ve got stored and throw them in. PRO TIP: make a pot large enough to have leftovers!! It’s soooo good the next day 😉


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►2 large cans tomato
►1 can tomato paste
►1 can 6 bean mix
►1 can kidney bean
► Onion
► Celery
►2 yellow Pepper
► Avocado
► Carrot
► Mushroom
► Garlic
► Veggie Broth

Spice MIx
► Cayenne
►Garlic powder
►Onion Salt
►Chili Flakes
► Salt + Pepper

Eamon here — would love to get your feedback on this Freestyle Friday episode! If you guys have any suggestions on vegan recipes you’d like to see me whip up… let me know in the comments below…

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