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A young bodybuilder has revealed how a move to a strict vegan diet ended his painful battle with cystic acne. Brian Turner, from California, transformed from a lanky, skinny, teenager to a buffed bodybuilder, but this impressive transformation included a long battle with cystic acne and severe depression. At 15 years old Brian started weightlifting and, in order to gain weight, would consume large amounts of dairy products. Within six months blackheads appeared on his previously clear skin, and within a year this turned into severe cystic acne. After years of trying different types of supposed remedies, Brian was eventually advised to lay off dairy products. Seeing the benefits to his skin and his bodybuilding, he eventually cut out all animal products and turned completely vegan. And his acne disappeared. With his Team Acne channel on YouTube, Brian wants to help others with their skin problems and insecurities. 27-year old Brian told Truly; “I have changed the way I look at my skin, even if I still have some blemishes or some marks, I feel confident and I love myself. Don’t let acne hold you back from living your life”.

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