Sadie Sink Says ‘Everyone Should Consider’ A Vegan Lifestyle

Sadie Sink known for her role in Stranger Things has urged people to consider going vegan as she stars in a new campaign with @StellaMcCartney

In a series of promotional images for Stella McCartney’s winter collection, Sink is seen wearing pieces constructed from organic cotton and forest-friendly viscose. Handbags made using mushroom mycelium leather also feature heavily in the campaign.

I switched to a plant-based diet when I was 14 years old,” she told GLAMOUR. “I had a lot of great vegan influences in my life, and was really inspired to try it out myself.”

“Everyone should consider it. It can be pretty intimidating at first, but just take it day by day. Every little choice counts!”

Sink had previously considered herself incapable of turning vegan, owing to her family being “big meat-eaters.” But she has since become a vocal voice in the plant-based community.

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