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Global food awareness organization ProVeg International announces the launch of its first office in Nigeria to help transform the food system in the world’s third fastest-growing country by population.

“Our policy work will push for a national strategy that implements a better food system”

As a new food awareness organization in the country, ProVeg Nigeria will promote the benefits of healthy and climate-friendly diets by showcasing the deliciousness of plant-based foods, joining the global team on its campaign to replace animal consumption with alternative protein by 50% by 2040.

In 2021, ProVeg launched the ProVeg Africa Accelerator planting the seeds of the plant-based movement across the continent. 

Hakeem Jimo, the new country director of ProVeg Nigeria, said: “I’m truly thrilled about the opening of the ProVeg Nigeria office and the impact we will have in raising awareness about the need to transform the food system to help people transition to healthier, more climate-friendly diets.”

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Plant-based style

According to ProVeg, Nigerian meat consumption will increase by more than 300% in the next two decades as the country’s population doubles by 2050 (it will be the third most populous nation). However, a 2022 study showed high demand and consumer acceptance of plant-based meat in various African countries, particularly Kenya, Nigeria, and Egypt.

ProVeg’s team in Nigeria will be going around the country to promote plant-based options, from the coastal city of Lagos — with its 25 million inhabitants — to the Sahel region, serving in markets, streets, schools, and hospitals regional dishes made with plants. 

ProVeg Chef Bola Adeyanju, an Ambassador for Chef for Change, will demonstrate how easy and delicious it is to incorporate plant-based proteins into traditional Nigerian cuisine. 

“You can make all the typical Nigerian food like Suya, Asun, and even Nkwobi and stews like Egusi and Efo Riro and of course Nigeria’s popular Jollof Rice with fried meat all in a mouth-watering plant-based style. We will be cooking up these treats – possibly in a market or university near you – or tell us where we should come to, and then get a taste of how great plant-based life can be,” commented Adeyanju. 

Ogbono Veggie Victory
Ogbono dish ©Veggie Victory

Benefits for people

The team has already been conducting outreach at schools, churches, and mosques and getting plant-based options on bukas (street food vendors), explains ProVeg.

ProVeg Nigeria will also be collaborating with businesses such as Veggie Victory, which ranked in the global FoodTech 500 leading companies, to help boost the plant-based ecosystem in the country.

“The people who will benefit most from this transition are those in the Global South for whom land pressures from animal agriculture have forced them to leave their land. Our policy work will push for a national strategy that implements a better food system by encouraging food innovation, particularly in the plant-based egg, milk, and protein spaces,” continued Jimo. 

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