Onision Fails Vegan Diet: Don’t Make His Mistake

Youtuber Onision recently failed on a vegan diet due to ‘physical repercussions’ so let’s examine his claims and learn from his mistakes.
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TIY Tiny House Channel:

Onision’s Video:

My ‘How to Use Cronometer Video’:

My Calorie Needs Calculator:
Metric Version:

My ED Video:

Vegan have higher levels of blood protein Study:

Livestrong article about costochondritis:

Vegan diet lowers inflammation by 30% in Study:

Dr Esselstyn’s Heart Disease Reveral Trial:

B12 in Untreated Water Study:

Vegans observed having 15% lower mortality:

Vegans 16% less cancer:

Vegans 29% lower female cancers, vegetarians 4% higher:

Vegans 50-75% lower high blood pressure:

Vegans 78% lower risk of ALL DIABETES:

Cheese is the main source of saturated fat in the US diet:

Eggs are the main source of cholesterol in the US diet:

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