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London-based vegan cheese producer JULIENNE BRUNO announces that becomes the first supermarket to list the company’s entire vegan cheese range. Customers nationwide can now find the brand’s products at one of the world’s largest dedicated online supermarkets.

“As appetite for vegan alternatives increases, JULIENNE BRUNO is a great addition to our wide range of product”

Axel Katalan, a food lover passionate about recreating dairy and meat options, founded JULIENNE BRUNO in 2020. But rather than imitate or compare, the plant-based brand offers a different perspective on food, creating familiar but new products for people to enjoy. 

“This is a dream come true. When we set out to build the JULIENNE BRUNO brand, Ocado Retail was on the top of our aspirational list and thus we are so proud to announce this landmark partnership with them,” commented Axel Katalan.

pizza pilgrims with vegan cheese

A first choice, not an alternative

We believe that plant-based food is the most exciting area in gastronomy and our listing on means that we are one step closer to making our products easily accessible to customers across the UK and as part of their weekly shop!” Katalan added.

Last November, JULIENNE BRUNO’s cheeses launched at 45 Holland & Barrett locations across the UK, followed by seven Whole Foods stores. The brand also became available at the food hall in Selfridge’s London and selected restaurants in the capital. Later that November, the company announced it had raised £5 million to expand, emphasizing that its products were intended to be “first choice, not alternatives.”

At the beginning of this year, JULIENNE BRUNO reported a quarterly growth rate of over 300%  and announced new partnerships with Harrods’ Fresh Market Hall and Harrods Tea Rooms. Additionally, Pizza Pilgrims and Mamma Dough started using JULIENNE BRUNO’s cheese in several menu items.

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Image courtesy of JULIENNE BRUNO

Inspired by classics

Named Collection 01, the company’s vegan cheese range includes Burrella, Crematta, and Superstraccia inspired by traditional animal-based varieties — burrata, cream cheese, and stracciatella.

“Inspired by classics, each product has been given a name that’s easily recognizable but also allows it to establish its own identity,” says the cheesemaker.

According to JULIENNE BRUNO, its cheese is made using organic soy and coconut oil naturally fermented with an innovative process perfected over the past two and a half years.

Ocado Retail commented: “We’re so excited to be the first grocery retailer to launch the full JULIENNE BRUNO range. As appetite for vegan alternatives increases, JULIENNE BRUNO is a great addition to our wide range of products on Ocado, helping our customers get their hands on some delicious cheese alternatives as part of their regular food shop.”

The brand’s BURRELLA won the best product in the dairy-free category in the 2022 Quality Food Awards.

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