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Oatly has partnered with outdoor clothing brand Patagonia to mobilise EU citizens to vote in a way that benefits the planet in the upcoming European Parliament elections. The move comes as research indicates that Europe is the fastest-warming continent, with temperatures rising at twice the global rate.

The two companies are granting their combined 1000 EU employees — including factory teams, retail staff, regional employees, and more — time off to cast their votes. Educational programs are also being organised to encourage employees to talk about voting within their own networks.

Additionally, both businesses are calling for stronger environmental protections, and for the EU to deliver on its green commitments in the next mandate. They are also working to engage their communities across Europe regarding the importance of voting, with the aim of increasing turnout.

“Many of us just don’t see how European politics affects our lives or impacts nature and our surrounding habitats, and this leaves space for the predicted shift away from environmental ambitions at EU level,” said Oatly and Patagonia in a joint statement. “Political backlash against the Green Deal, and environmental regulation more broadly, is widespread in the campaign. We can’t afford for this to happen. It would mean crucial environmental issues being deprioritised in the next mandate when, in reality, the EU needs to step up and take rapid action on climate change, leading the way towards a strong, secure, and prosperous future.”

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“Protecting our home planet”

Oatly and Patagonia are also calling on other companies to encourage their teams to vote for the planet, while Oatly will conduct a large OOH campaign communicating the same message to the public. The companies note that turnout was worryingly low at just 51% in the last European Parliament elections, partially due to lacklustre youth engagement.

Furthermore, Oatly has proposed several policies to create a more sustainable food system, including mandatory climate labelling, ambitious targets to reduce food system emissions, and carbon pricing. A recent survey by the European Vegetarian Union found that support for policies that would reduce the food system’s environmental impact is high among most EU political parties.

“Patagonia and Oatly have more in common than you might think on first consideration,” said the companies. “We both have a long history of campaigning for a liveable and just future and challenging broken systems. We would never claim we are perfect but we both stand for experimenting with business unusual – with the objective of protecting our home planet. And today, we are coming together with a simple message: Business leaders of Europe, join us in mobilising your employees, your communities and your customers to vote in the upcoming EU elections. Give them the tools to see the importance of these elections on the future health of our planet, and the time to cast their vote.”

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