No Bake Vegan Cacao Fruit & Nut Energy Balls – Part 1

Hello everyone I have wanted to make these energy Balls for a few weeks now, after trying the Naked Bars you can buy, I then had a thought I wonder if I could have ago at making these myself with just 6 Ingredients, but instead of making an energy bars how about if I made some energy Balls instead then once Doughy Mixture had firmed up in my Fridge overnight I got an Idea what if I rolled them in some white Sesame Seeds. So Please join me tomorrow with Part 2 of this video to show you how I roll my Cacao Dough into shaped Balls then rolled into Sesame* seeds to finish them off. Allergies in my recipes are marked with a star, I try to state that when I can, but if there is anything else that you may be allergic to then always read Ingredients carefully first before buying it for yourself as somethings I list in my recipes may have been packed in same factory as Nuts and some others ingredients that you may be Allergic to.
But in the mean time Please find recipe below:


1 cup of Mixed dried fruit of Cranberries & Medjool dates Pitted Organic
1 Cup of Nuts (I used Almonds* & Cashews*)
1 Cup of Organic Cacao Powder
4 Tbs of Organic Plant Based Maple Syrup or Agave Nectar
A good splash of Oat Milk if you find mixture a little to dry (Optional)
Topping – Sesame Seeds* and Desiccated Coconut* for rolling your Energy Balls.
Food Processor, Spoon for Mixing and Spooning out your dough Mixture onto your Plate, Oven tray Optional for Roasting Nuts. Sheet of Cling Wrap. Your Fridge, A Knife to cut your firmed energy Block into Small Squares before rolling each one into a balls.


First take your Dates and cut them in half Length ways to remove Stones this is called Pitting. then chop them into small pieces and add to your food Processor along with your Cranberries. Then it is time to add your Nuts, but at this time you could choose to roast your Nuts first, but this is Optional, if you do choose to do this then Heat your oven for Electric 180 mine is a fan Oven and I would say roast them for 10 -15 mins, but do check them first after first 10 mins to see how they are as you wouldn’t want them to burn or be over dry. I chose not to roast mine. then add your nuts to your dried fruit and then add your Cacao Powder then next add your Maple Syrup and then turn on your Food Processor and Mix until combined, if you find your Dates are clumping together in your mixture then stop your food Processor and try and separate and then replace your Lid and start your Food Processor again but do keep checking your Mixture and if you find your dough Mixture is a little too dry then add a splash of Oat Milk which I did and that is how I liked the look of how mine turned out.
Then once Mixed together take a Dinner Plate and lay some Cling Wrap onto your Plate and then place your Dough Mixture on top of your Cling Wrap and wrap your Dough Mixture until completely covered and then mould your Mixture into a Square using your hands then next take your Plate to your Fridge and leave Overnight to firm up then next day you will take out of your Fridge and then either you can choose to Cut them into Squares or Shape them into Small Bars or Roll them into Balls.
No Baking Required or unless you choose to Roast nuts. If you like todays Video then Like, Subscribe and thanks for watching and until next time take care and Bye for now.

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