Life after quitting veganism

How my body changed after I stopped being vegan & started eating high quality animal foods…

If you’ve been following my stories (see ‘Hormones 4′ highlights) you know i’ve been sharing all the changes i’ve noticed since incorporating high quality nutrient dense animal foods into my diet. I’ve been feeling so good and have SO MUCH MORE to share but let’s start here!

What I’ve noticed:
– WAY more energy

– Satiated for hours
– I dont have to eat every 3 hrs anymore! And when I am hungry i’m not HANGRY like I used to be. My blood sugar, energy levels, mood are SO stable. ???????? I feel super satiated eating animal foods. I’ll talk more about blood sugar balance in future vids (a MAJOR component to hormone balance!)

– No bloat & fatigue after meals 

– No more 3pm crashes

– Firm/well-formed ????
– No longer deal with consistently loose stools which was a huge problem when I was on a strict plant diet (too much fiber!)

– Lighter/shorter periods
– still premature but i’ve noticed this for 2 months in a row. It’s still mad heavy day 1-2 but gets consistently lighter after day 2 (its usually up and down) and ends at day 5 (usually have to wear a liner until day 7). So this is major for me. I have to see how this month goes but im so excited and hopeful bc hormone issues have been my MAIN health problem for ages. this could be happening because im getting more iron!? I still gotta get tested in Aug but my dr suspected I have heavy periods bc of iron deficiency. isn’t that wild how a *deficiency* in iron can LEAD to heavier periods?! ????

– Less stressed bc its SOOOOOO MUCH EASIER & QUICKER TO COOK + EAT NOW! ????????????
– you ever cook eggs?! it literally takes like 2 secs. sounds funny but i legit couldn’t remember the last time I cooked an egg before this year. i used to make carton egg whites (booo) for a long time and that was like almost 5 years ago. WILD.

This journey has been so exciting! Follow along to stay tuned for more vids like this ????

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