Kynda Breaks Ground on Hamburg Facility to Produce 2,500 Tons of “Kynda Meat” Annually – vegconomist

Kynda Breaks Ground on Hamburg Facility to Produce 2,500 Tons of “Kynda Meat” Annually – vegconomist

German B2B biotech Kynda announces that it has commenced the construction of a large-scale facility near Hamburg, Germany, for the production of its mycoprotein product, Kynda Meat.

Using its fermentation tech, Kynda transforms a fungus strain (exempt from EU novel food regulations) and food industry by-products into a zero-waste mycelium ingredient within 48 hours. The new production facility will feature two 720 m² halls on a 6,200 m² site, where the biotech company will use its ‘plug and play’ bioreactors to ferment 2,500 tons of Kynda Meat annually.

Daniel MacGowan-von Holstein, CEO and co-founder of Kynda, comments, “We’ve outgrown our current lab and fermentation facilities, which were ironically based in a former pig barn. We’re therefore thrilled to witness the expansion of our production facilities to continue shaping the future of food production.”

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Nutrition, taste, and sustainability

Kynda Meat is a raw material that can replace plant protein texturates. It offers 37% protein content in dry matter and includes all nine essential amino acids, high-quality fiber, and vitamins. In addition, it is allergen-free and low-fat. According to the company, it provides superior nutrition and taste compared to traditional meat and plant-based options.

MacGowan and Franziskus Schnabel co-founded Kynda in 2019 in Jelmstorf. The startup’s innovative fermentation system is said to be efficient and user-friendly, encompassing the entire production journey from the starter culture to the harvest of the mycelium ingredient — hence the tag ‘plug and play’ bioreactors.

Furthermore, the production has positive energy efficiency and can be installed anywhere in the world, regardless of weather conditions.

Kynda's founders
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Reaching consumers

The new facility represents the first phase of the company’s plan to scale production, aiming to expand internationally with partners in Europe, Asia, and North America, looking to launch clean-label and healthy meat alternatives.

For the debut of Kynda Meat in Germany, the company partnered with the food tech company The Raging Pig to introduce mycoprotein alt-burgers at the Internorga trade fair in Hamburg.

Kynda has also announced plans to expand into foodservice later this year and is working to establish partnerships with agri-food companies to create a decentralized fermentation network.

Among Kynda’s backers are the VCs FoodLabs, Sustainable Food Ventures, and Shio Capital. The company also boasts support from a range of prominent angel investors, including Christoph Behn (Kartenmacherei), Anne and Stefan Lemcke (Ankerkraut), Andreas Kupke (, and Dr. Stephen Weich (Flaschenpost). Ugur Samut and Kağan Sümer, founders of Gorillas, and former HSV footballer Dennis Aogo have also joined the company’s mission to transform the food system with better proteins.

COO Schnabel shares, “From the outset, our focus has been on crafting a product that is nutritious, sustainable, and accessible to consumers seeking environmentally conscious options.”

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