Is vegan diet good for managing PCOS?- Dr. Chetali Samant

Vegan diet means a diet which is completely plant based and doe not include any food which comes from animals. Say for example dairy or poultry or any kind of meat. Going vegan has many benefits, especially if you are a vegetarian person and you want to figure out a diet for your PCOS, then vegan diet is a blessing keeping out dairy form your diet makes you go vegan. Why should we leave out dairy? Dairy especially non organic dairy is always laced with antibiotics which are fed to the cow, hormones which are fed to the cow so that it produces more milk, all these things acts as xenoestrogens. Xenoestrogens are chemically occurring compounds or naturally occurring compounds, occurring in certain foods which mimic the functions of estrogen in side our body. Imagine there is so much going on in terms of hormonal imbalance when you have PCOS. Imagine doing an overload of synthetic hormones or hormones which we get through dairy. Imagine the havoc it will create when there is existing hormonal imbalances. Even otherwise leaving out dairy helps in insulin resistance. If you feel that including or removing dairy makes you put on more weight, then remove dairy, if you want to make u for this calcium which you will get while you are drinking milk, you can include grains, millets and vegetables which contain calcium and for bumping the protein intake which you were relying on milk, can be bumped up by legumes, lentils and peas which contains a lot of plant occurring protein. So removing dairy gives you more chances of you recovering from PCOS. Also a vegan diet based on plant based foods, all the minerals and vitamin that will go onto your body,, especially if you are suffering from anovulatory cycles or problems related to ovulation in PCOS or you are suffering infertility due to PCOS, the going vegan is one of the first choices when it comes to modifying your diet. Good amounts of vitamins and minerals will help your ovaries recover from the inflammation which has been triggered by PCOS and help you get over the anovulation. Going vegan helps your body to shed large amounts of fats. If you have been having non-organic poultry, eggs, meat, just know that they are all laced with hormones fed to the chicken or the other meat sources lie pork or beef. Organic chicken or the free range chicken is completely devoid of hormones, they move around a lot and feed on grains and naturally occurring grass and what is their normal food. So basically they are happy pan when you consume chicken it helps in your health. When we talk about veganism we also talk about eating that part of the diet, and because you are going to lean proteins that comes from plants, it really helps your body to manage the insulin resistance better and it helps to manage hyperinsulinemia, which is the high level of circulating insulin in your blood and helps your PCOS to get better. So if you have plans to go vegan, it is definitely a yes. It is a low carb diet with plenty of fibres and plenty of greens in it and many at times we ask the patients to eat certain amount of raw food, depending on their digestion. Certain amount of raw food really helps them to shed a large amount of weight and get healthy with PCOS faster.

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