How To Build Muscle As A Raw Vegan | Chef AJ LIVE! with Shane Sterling of Raw Vegan Rising

5 DELICIOUS DINNER RECIPES to support your weight loss:


The first step to building muscle as a raw vegan is cleansing the gut properly of all biofilms, plaque and waste which inhibits proper digestion and absorption. The simplest and most effective method for cleaning the gut is juice fasting. Follow the proper protocol for this process and you can see excellent results very easily. After you accomplish a proper juice fast and empty the GI tract you can rebuild the gut microbiome on a raw vegan diet which creates optimal gut health for digesting, absorbing and utilizing all the nutrients in raw living foods.

The second step is to use strength training to stimulate muscle growth. Fuel your workouts with raw living foods and ensure you are getting the proper calorie surplus to allow the body to build muscle mass. Focus on a macronutrient split of 65c/20f/15p and make the 5 compound movements the basis of all your workouts. This combination is very effective for building lean muscle mass for strength and aesthetics! If you want to be a strong, muscular raw vegan like Shane sign up for his free video course How To Go Raw Vegan: Start Here! https://
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This is the Ranch Dressing Shane used to help him become a raw vegan:

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