Hello, fabulous viewers! 🌱✨ Join me for another day in the life of a gay vegan man living in Sweden, working as a dresser at a musical theatre in the heart of Stockholm. Today’s vlog is a delightful mix of backstage surprises, theater magic, and thoughtful gifts. 🎭🇸🇪

As the show starts, the excitement in the theatre is palpable. The energy is electric, and we’re all geared up for an unforgettable performance.

But during the show, a delightful surprise awaits me. The talented makeup artist, David Julio, had left a thoughtful gift in my room – a tempting stash of potato chips! They were incredibly yummy and provided the perfect snack to keep my energy up during the show. 🥔🍴

After the final curtain call, there’s yet another heartwarming surprise. Our Norwegian actor, Martin Stokke Martiesen’s parents, Geir Mathiesen and Hanne Stokke, have sent over a special gift – a bottle of winter apple cider, a bag of pretzels, and a bag of Ravioli-flavored nuts. It’s a generous gesture that warms my heart. 🍏🥨🥜

This day was filled with unexpected delights and the warmth of theater camaraderie.

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Swedish hashtags:
1. #Teaterlivet
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3. #SvenskMagi

Join me for all the drama, snacks, and heartfelt moments that make each day at the theatre unique. Don’t forget to like, subscribe, and share the joy of theater and camaraderie with your friends! 🎉🎭

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