Fooditive Unveils Guilt-Free Sweetener Made With Upcycled Apples & Pears for US Market – vegconomist

Fooditive Unveils Guilt-Free Sweetener Made With Upcycled Apples & Pears for US Market – vegconomist

Dutch plant-based ingredient manufacturer Fooditive Group unveils a new sustainable alternative to sugar for the US market: Keto-Fructose, a low calorie sweetener derived from upcycled apples and pears through fermentation.

Fooditive claims that its new sweetener closely mimics the flavor profile of sugar, offering “extraordinary” sweetness, unparalleled taste, functionality, and sustainability, establishing a new standard for sugar alternatives. Keto-Fructose is currently undergoing FDA GRAS assessment.

“Keto-Fructose sweetener goes beyond replicating the beloved sweetness of sugar”

The company states it aims to significantly impact the industry with a sugar alternative capable of delivering the sweet taste that consumers love. Moayad Abushokhedim, CEO of Fooditive, comments, “Fooditive understands the challenges associated with replacing sugar, and we recognize that the effectiveness of a sugar alternative is not solely measured by taste.

“This is why our Keto-Fructose sweetener goes beyond replicating the beloved sweetness of sugar. Its additional functionality enables seamless use in applications and reflects our dedication to meeting the real needs of food manufacturers with forward-thinking solutions.”

Image courtesy of Fooditive Group

Sweetness without sugar

Fooditive explains that Keto-Fructose is made from waste side streams from processing apples and pears with bioconversion fermentation using a non-GMO bacterial strain. Using these byproducts it can reduce costs, while minimizing environmental impact, and contribute to a circular economy where materials are reused, and less goes to waste.

The new product enables F&B manufacturers to reduce sugar content and craft healthier, sugar-free products without compromising on taste, texture, or shelf life. Moreover, the sweetener can seamlessly replace sugar in chocolate, baked goods, fruit fillings, glazes, and beverages to meet the soaring demand for healthier, guilt-free alternatives.

The company states that large F&B manufacturing companies are already interested in introducing Keto-Fructose into products, leveraging its sugar reduction potential, sustainability credentials, and attractive price point. It is also seeking additional partnerships with leading manufacturers, distributors, and industry innovators to expedite its adoption in the US market.

Foodtive's plant-based sweetener
Image courtesy of Fooditive Group

Spirit of innovation

Since its establishment in 2018, Fooditive has developed a proprietary yeast strain to produce animal-free ingredients such as honey and milk’s most abundant protein, casein, using precision fermentation. According to Fooditive, using a bacterial strain offers several advantages, including improved scalability, efficiency, cost optimization, and safety, without compromising quality or taste.

Other companies aiming to help consumers reduce sugar consumption without losing the beloved sweet taste they crave include the US biotech Oobli, which develops novel sweet proteins from fruits, and the Colorado-based MycoTechnology, which has developed a honey truffle sweetener and other solutions using mycelial fermentation.

Abushokhedim continues: “This new sweetener embodies our spirit of innovation, our commitment to sustainability and health, and our mission to identify ingredients that fulfill the needs of American food producers and enable them to meet consumer demand for healthier products.”

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