Ep.56: Raw Vegan to Carnivore: Exploring the Dietary U-Turn – Special Live Panel Discussion

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🌱 They embarked on a journey towards the epitome of health, embracing superfoods and a lifestyle that inspired countless others. But what happens when the pursuit of perfection takes a dark turn? 💔

Prepare to be on the edge of your seats as we unveil the jaw-dropping stories of a group of determined individuals who started with the healthiest of intentions, only to plunge into the depths of extremely destructive diets. The twists and turns in this tale will leave you mind blown.

Watch as the lines between wellness and self-destruction blur, leading to a shocking transformation that you won’t believe. Has the pursuit of health become a dangerous obsession? Find out in this suspenseful, eye-opening Panel discussion

🔥 Buckle up for a rollercoaster of emotions, as we delve into a world where uncooked foods turn into binge-eating frenzies, and green juices become a distant memory. Can our protagonist friends find their way back from the brink, or is it too late?

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Disclaimer: This content, by Prof. Spira and guests, is for educational purposes only and not medical advice. It’s not a substitute for professional healthcare consultation. Prof. Spira is not a medical practitioner or licensed dietitian. Consult professionals before starting any health program. The video and text share personal views and information on and related to the Mucusless Diet and Mucus-free lifestyle, inspired by Prof. Arnold Ehret’s works.

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