Easy to Make Jackfruit Juice Recipe #vegan #health #healthylifestyle #wellness #juice #healing

Easy to Make Jackfruit Juice Recipe #vegan #health #healthylifestyle #wellness #juice #healing

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My cancer experience inspired me to create my own Black Seed Oil that had the quality I need to remain healthy and cancer free.
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Benefits of our products:
• Sea Moss/Bladderwrack/Burdock Root = Thyroid Support, Weight Loss, Blood Sugar & Joint Support

• Ashwagandha = Improved Sleep, Stress Support & Muscle Recovery

• Black Seed Oil = Kidney Support, Kills Cancer Cells, Immune Support & Heart Health

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Good Living Now Founder and Cancer Survivor, Harold Leffall, has been using the product for over 5 years on his healing journey. At 53, he is cancer free and takes no medication for blood pressure or diabetes.

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