Carnivore and Vegan Diet Swap: Shocking Blood Results

A carnivore and a vegan dieter switched diets for 30 days. Here are the results from the blood tests tied back into the research.
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LDL and Mortality:

Centenarian Cholesterol Study Japan:

Centenarian Cholesterol Study Portugal:

HDL Rise Doesn’t Offset LDL Rise of Total Chol RIse:

HDL Raising Meds Don’t Lower Risk:

High Genetic HDL Doesn’t Lower Risk:

C Reactive Protein Mortality:

Vegans Lower C Reactive Protein:

Vegans Lower IGF-1 Levels:

Vegan Lower IGF and Higher/Equal Testosterone:

B12 and Folate Status of Vegans vs Meat Eaters:

Cortisol Variation:

Testosterone Variation:

Serum urea is increased in conditions where renal clearance decreased (in acute and chronic renal failure/impairment”

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