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So freaking excited to announce my very private online community launching in January!!!

It is called Thrive and Shine and my vision is an encouraging community to support, guide and help you reach your wellness goals.
All stages of health and diet styles are welcome! We are a judgement-free zone of unconditionally supportive friends.
You’ll have weekly access to me and my staff, so you’ll be supported and coached towards reaching your health goals. It’s going to be epic, guys!
This is not an exclusively raw vegan or vegan community. I receive with open arms all who want to heal, grow, detox, cleanse, be held accountable, ask questions and be supported.
In order to keep this communitym intimate-and in order for you to be heard and nurtured, I am limiting the number of spots available until further notice.
Check out for more info and get on the waitlist today!!! Can’t wait to meet you!!!

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❤ My website, learn more about what I do at:

❤ You often hear me recommend Puradyme products in my videos. After many years of swearing by their enzymes, probiotics and colon cleanse, I’ve become an affiliate for Puradyme which means when you purchase Puradyme products from my link, I may earn a small commision. I really appreciate your support for this channel!

❤ Check out the ebooks on my website. I have a freebie one that’s a fab 3 Day Smoothie Challenge as well as a High Raw Reset ebook that is sure to kick your wellness journey off in style and in an abundance mindset.

❤ I get so many questions about my “Why I’m Vegan” charm necklace!
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❤ Minerals for your body, anyone? My viewers get a 15% discount on the best Irish Sea Moss! I’m crazy about this brand, as it is family owned and extremely high quality. Elderwise Organics’ Irish Sea Moss is bomb!

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❤ Daily Green Boost
Throughout my entire journey as a raw vegan, I have used a fabulous food/supplement called Daily Green Boost. Guys, I cannot recommend this product enough! I add it to my smoothies for extra protein and nutrition and because they’re such a great company, Daily Green Boost has extended a discount to my viewers! Use code Evalovesraw for 10% off your order!!

❤ Want a dewy glow? I have been using the best face cream in the entire world, (seriously!) and I want you guys to know all about it! It is a cream by Witch In The Woods and it is, bar none, the ONLY cream I entrust my face to! My viewers get a 20% discount by using code evalovesraw at check out. So excited to share this!

❤ The music in this video:

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