Why you chose to become vegan and what you think of vegan diets.

What are the health benefits of being vegan and veganism and how have they affected you personally (anecdotes)

How to convert meat eaters to vegans (give them tips how to do it, list the pros and cons for each and then ask them about their personal experience) For each video give your opinion, tips, and anecdotes. If you are not a vegan my idea is that you first describe why you chose to become a vegan and what you eat then after the first video move onto question 2 and describe the first benefit and how it affected you personally. Then on the second video move onto question 3, describe how you convert meat eaters to vegans, give tips, the pros and cons for each and then ask

What plant based diet is ?

How to incorporate elements of vegan diet / healthy lifestyle into food ?

What meat substitutes exist ???

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