Why Pregnant Women Should Be Vegan

There are so many reasons to adopt a whole food vegan diet before, during, and after pregnancy!

• pre-eclampsia, breast milk, environmental contaminants
• type 1 diabetes
• morning sickness

Dairy cows are exploited as mothers
• they are forcefully impregnated, and their young are most often stolen from them at birth — cows can only produce milk after having a baby, and dairy farmers keep them pregnant in order to keep the milk coming.
• of course, the calves are the ones who are supposed to drink the milk, so they have to be separated from their mothers at birth so as to not drink the profit. males often end up in the cruel veal industry, while females suffer the same fate as their mothers.
• Once a female cow is “spent”, or no longer able to produce milk she will most likely end up in a slaughter house. 20% of beef in the US comes from dairy cows (beef industry website)

speaking of dairy cows….
???? DAIRY
• infertility risk
• childhood asthma
• sex hormones
• pregnant cows
• early puberty, cancers
• colic
dairy consumption can reduce iron absorption

???? FISH
• mercury, PCBs and other toxins in fish

???? MEAT
• gestational diabetes
• POPs (persistent organic pollutants)
• cortisol, obesity
saturated fat leads to pregnancy sickness

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