Vegan Quinoa Crunchies

Vegan Quinoa Crunchies

Snacks for Sanity Saturday…..

Who does not love chocolate? Did you know that is also one of the foods that supports mental health? Yup!

Today I had a hankering for a crunchy, chocolate treat. I used to love Nestle’s Crunch as a kid. As big kid I was not a fan, nor do they constitute any nutrient benefits. Dark chocolate on the other hand…..
Keeping that in mind I whipped up and added a little bit of elements that are I am needed to aid myself through the over-life of life right now; and as we navigate through Mental Health May. Here is what went in these
treats and and why.

Quinoa: Helps promote seratonin, a mood regulator.
Hemp Seeds: Healthy fats to support brain health. These also add protein.
Walnuts: Brain health and healthy fats. Have you noticed what walnuts look like? IF you said a brain, yes! And an easy way to remember what these nuts support.
Turmeric: Improve mood and reduce symptoms of depression
Coconut: Fiber for texture and its benefits.
Cacao or dark chocolate: Improves mood and reduce stress due to being an antioxidant.

The following recipe was a hit for me on the first trial. I am giving ratios as well so you can replicate. Quinoa to chocolate: 1 to 1. Seeds, coconut, nuts: half as much as the former. I would use less if you choose to do more add-ins.


*Quinoa, 1 c
*Cacao or chocolate chips, 1 heaping c
*Coconut oil, 2 T
*Hemp seeds, 1/2 c
*Walnuts, ground fine, 1/2 c
*Coconut flake, unsweetened, 1/2 c
*Vanilla, up to you, 2-3 t
*Salt, finishing or nice sea salt, pinch
*Add-ins: subs any nut or seeds
*OTHER spices: ginger, nutmeg, instant coffee, etc.

POP QUINOA: Heat up a saucepan. When hot, add quinoa and simply shake as if you were poppong corn. Some will pop, the grain will start to turn color, shake here and there as you go. I accidently burned mine a wee bit which I like as it gave it a caramelized flavor. This takes about 5 minutes. Transfer to a sheet pan and let cool. Melt chocolate in a double boiler to microwave. Let set to room temperature. Tranfer quinoa to chocolate bowl along with the rest of the ingredients. You will be able to ball this up to distinguish if perfect balance. Taste and adjust for you. TWO WAYS TO PRESENT: One can roll in balls as I did in video and then in hemp seeds, coconuts, cacao powder, nothing. OR put in a pan lined with parchment paper and spread to desired thickness, top with any seeds or flakes if you want. Score into the size you want. Put them in the refrigerator to set. Keep chilled or freeze for storage. This hold their shape at room temperature as well. I would only set aside what you intend to eat for the day at a time though. I have not tested room temperature shelf life. Enjoy!

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