Vegan Diet Risks Brain Health? Choline Paper Debunked

UK nutritionist Emma Derbyshire wrote a paper in the BMJ attacking plant-based diets on the grounds of choline which spurred a media frenzy. This video responds with research and highlights the astounding updates to the paper’s conflicts of interest.
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Leading Nutritionist Claims Vegan Diets Can Stunt Brain Development:

Plant-Based Diet Could Negatively Impact Your Brain Health, Study Reveals:

Could a plant-based diet be making you dumb?

Choline Basics:

FDA Safety that Eggs don’t qualify for:

Original BMJ Paper:

Earliest version with links to other versions:

Suggested move to plant-based diets risks worsening brain health nutrient deficiency:

Meat Advisory Panel Denying Meat Cancer Connection:

USDA Choline List:

“People should eat as little dietary cholesterol as possible.”

Paper on Choline Recommendation History:

Fatty Liver and Animal Protein:

Vegan C Reactive Protein / Inflammation Levels:

50-70% of NTDs can be prevented when women supplement their diet with folic acid:

NTDs and Diabetes in Pregnancy:

Lower Vegan Risk of All Diabetes:

Plant Based News Expert Quotes:

Position on Veg Diets:

Vegetarian IQ:

High Choline Risk for Many Negative Biomarkers:

Choline in Eggs Spikes TMAO:

Vegans virtually don’t make TMAO from choline:

Choline Supplements Raise Vegan TMAO and Aggregation:

TMAO Mechanism:

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