Vegan Dessert! Let's Make Fruit Pizza and Doughnuts! | Vegan, Plant-Based Cooking

It’s Treat Day today and we are making a delicious vegan fruit pizza with chocolate sauce and baked doughnuts. These are such a great treat for parties or just something fun to do with the kids. You can use any fruit for the pizza toppings, go wild and we hope you enjoy making this with your kids and family!

Check out the full recipe in this blog post here:

Doughnuts: You can use this recipe and bake them on a doughnut baking pan! Top with your favorite toppings or chocolate sauce.

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Hi! We are Trey and Rosa, we have 5 kiddos and we moved from the big city of Las Vegas to the outskirts of Pahrump to homestead and grow our own food with the goal of self-sufficiency. We have a small homestead with Nigerian Dwarf goats, ducks, chickens, and also have cats and dogs running around everywhere and recently converted to eating a full plant based diet due to health reasons.
We are passionate about growing our own food, eating clean & healthy, cooking food from scratch, desert gardening and making simple skincare products for our family and for you.
We specialize in making 100% goat’s milk soap using fresh goat milk from our own Nigerian Dwarf goats that provide the most moisturizing bar of goat milk soap you’ll try. We love all the benefits of our goat milk soaps and find that it’s great for skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, and dry skin.

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