Top 5 Benefits of Vegetarian Diet

There are many vegetarians all over the world. Now being a vegetarian has become a trend as well.

From religious sentiments to animal welfare – there are different reasons that people choose to be vegetarians, and rely on plant-based foods.Interestingly, turning vegetarian has a lot of health benefits to offer too.Here are the top 5 health benefits of sticking to a vegetarian diet.

1) Lower cholesterol levels
Cholesterol helps to digest food, create hormones, etc. it is very important for the body.The human body already makes all the necessary cholesterol it needs.Non vegetarian items are very high in Cholesterol. If a person’s Cholesterol increases it can lead to heart problems.Vegetarian people do not have this problem as vegetarian food is not that high in Cholesterol. This way you stay healthy and fit.

2) Reduced Risk of Cancer
Notably, growth hormones are often used in animal-based food production.And, recent studies state that if food with such hormones are eaten then people can get cancer. This is definitely one of the most crucial reasons for switching to a vegetarian diet.

3) Protection against diabetes
The cases of diabetes have been on the rise, in recent years.The common cause of diabetes is usually due to poor lifestyle habits and excessive meat intake.On the other hand, consumption of whole grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts avoids the settling of fat in the body, thus reducing the risk of diabetes.Hence, cutting down your meat intake is essential.

4) Protection from food-borne illnesses
Non-vegetarian food items can lead to various types of infections. According to a study, chicken can be contaminated with salmonella bacteria. When such chicken is eaten it causes stomach infection, loose motions, etc.While sometimes these infections and illnesses are diagnosed easily, most of the time they remain hidden.On the other hand, vegetarian food is comparatively safer from bacteria and can keep you very healthy.

5) Spiritual well-being
Spiritual experts believe that in order to stay calm, one must not consume the flesh of dead animals, as it is believed to affect the mind and can also lead to distractions.On the other hand, a vegetarian diet is associated with the development of ethical virtues, such as non-violence, truthfulness, purity, etc.

Now, the choice is yours!

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