Tips For A New Vegan In 2022 || Benefits of Veganism #vegannutrition

Tips For A New Vegan In 2022 || Benefits of Veganism #vegannutrition

Today’s video is for New Vegans or for those considering going Vegan. It can be overwhelming when making the switch from animal products to plant-based ones. This is going to be the first Video of a Vegan Nutrition Series I’m Starting!

In today’s video, I’ll be going over:
– How to be a healthy vegan
– The benefits of following a healthy vegan diet
– The benefits of veganism that goes far beyond diet
– And I will share a bonus at the end

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Hi, I’m Shyleigh, a Certified Holistic Nutritionist with a Certificate in Vegetarian & Vegan Nutrition as well as a Diploma in Veganism Lifestyle and Nutrition. I myself have also been Vegan for 7 years now and went vegetarian before that! So not only do I have the credentials, I also have first hand experience going Vegan!

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My Channel, Shys Heart & Soul is all about living a healthy & happy life, the ups & downs of motherhood, spirituality, vegansim, nutrition, & more!

Join me & my family as we navigate this little thing called life.

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How Not To Die:

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The China Study:

80/10/10 Diet:

This video is NOT intended as medical or nutritional advice. I am NOT a doctor nor a dietitian. My intention is simply to share what I have learned through my years of schooling (Advanced Holistic Nutrition Diploma, Vegetarian & Vegan Nutrition Certificate, Vegan Lifestyle & Nutrition Certificate, Mindfulness Diploma, Child Nutrition Diploma, Meal Prepping & Coaching Skills Certificate) and years of trial & error with what works for me & my family. This video is NOT meant to be judgmental towards families who consume animal products. Vegans and omnivores alike can all benefit from eating more plants!

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