The Unusual Benefits Of A Plant Based Diet!

In this video we’re going to look at the unusual benefits of a plant based diet. We know a plant based diet can have great success with many chronic diseases such a heart disease, diabetes and cancer but we’re going to learn about some cool unexpected benefits of a whole food plant based.
Heart Disease & Plant Based Diet
Resolving the Coronary Artery Disease Epidemic Through Plant-Based Nutrition.

Effects of a very low-fat, vegan diet in subjects with rheumatoid arthritis.

Type 2 Diabetes & Plant Based Diet
Usefulness of vegetarian and vegan diets for treating type 2 diabetes.

IBD & Plant Based Diet
Lifestyle-related disease in Crohn’s disease: Relapse prevention by a semi-vegetarian diet

Prostate Cancer & Plant Based Diet
Intensive lifestyle changes may affect the progression of prostate cancer.

Meat and Eczema

Adventist Study

Heart Failure and a Plant-Based Diet. A Case-Report and Literature Review

Dr Greger’s YouTube Channel

Dr Greger’s website

Original Source Link

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