The Top 3 Raw Vegan Health Benefits!

The benefits of eating a 100% raw vegan diet are innumerable but in this video I list the top 3 most important benefits. When it comes to health and well being a raw vegan diet holds the power to transform your life in unimaginable ways.

Its easy to underestimate the importance of actually being healthy because without our health we are not truly ourselves. The part of ourself that wishes to do good work in the world, be of service and make a massive difference are all hidden behind self doubt, low energy, chronic symptoms of this or that or the other thing. When we heal ourselves with the raw living foods then we are freed up to actually create the destiny we were born for.

If you aspire to create a better life than you have already created I urge you to try raw food as a solution to your limitations. It might sound silly or unrelated but i assure you there is a part of you that will never be fulfilled without the diet God intended for the human biology. When we break Natural Law by cooking our food we suffer the consequences of limitation and lack. When we harmonize with the vibration of Natural Law, Mother Nature and a 100% raw living foods diet we liberate our mind, body and soul from all the pain we suffer.

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