The Shocking Benefits Of Heat Therapy For Weight Loss & Extending Lifespan | Connie Zack

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In this episode, Connie dives into the transformative power of infrared heat therapy, particularly emphasizing its efficacy in weight loss, inflammation reduction, and pain relief. She highlights how infrared therapy, such as Sunlighten’s, increases core body temperature by absorbing low resonance energy into cells, leading to caloric burn and significant reductions in waist circumference. Plus, Connie discusses how inflammation, a primary contributor to aging, can be regulated through far infrared therapy, promoting overall well-being without the side effects of medications. We explore the energy-boosting effects of infrared sauna therapy and its positive impact on cognitive function and emotional wellness. Tune in as we chat about infrared therapy’s versatility and holistic benefits for enhancing overall wellness and productivity.

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Here is what the research shows on IR sauna:

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