The Science Backed Benefits of Grounding for your Health: Myths & Facts Revealed – Dr. Laura Koniver

In this episode, you will be able to:
• Discover how tapping into grounding techniques could be the secret to reviving your health and wellbeing.
• Expose the limitations of traditional medical approach, with its narrow focus on symptom treatment.
• Uncover hard scientific evidence behind grounding’s power to enhance human physiology.
• Bust the common misconception that grounding’s benefits can only be reaped amidst nature’s embrace.
• Explore the quintessential role Earth plays in human life and our intricate bond with it.

My special guest is Dr. Laura Koniver.

Meet Dr. Laura Koniver, a passionate advocate for holistic medicine and practitioner of an unconventional, yet scientifically-backed approach to health; grounding. After a personal encounter with the profound calming effects of grounding on her colicky baby, she was inspired to backtrack to her medical roots to scour medical literature and reinterpret the results in the context of grounding. Dr. Laura’s keen research skills coupled with her first-hand observations led her to become a leading proponent of grounding, educating masses with crucial knowledge derived from double-blind placebo studies on the transformative healing power of this simple practice.

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This video is not medical advice & as a supporter to you and your health journey – I encourage you to monitor your labs and work with a professional!
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