THA.06, Vegan, All Alive, You Shall Not Pass, Mission 6, Tharsis

THA.06, Vegan, All Alive, You Shall Not Pass, Mission 6, Tharsis

Type: Strategy

– FLIGHT CONTROL: Drop a 5 or higher into the module and you will be able to pass through events without injury to your character. This comes in very handy when you need to get to another module, or if you need to get the best possible character to an event. This room can also free up your characters’ movement to get them to Flight Control on your final turn.
– GREENHOUSE:Ultimately, the Greenhouse is more about the psychological benefits of tending to a slice of earth. That being said, it does provide small portions of food when module ability is performed. You will need a matching pair of dice added to the module ability to receive 1 food or three of a kind to get 2 food.
– LIFE SUPPORT: The center of the ship, Life Support is a powerful room. Add any die to this module to get 2 dice in return, make a pair and you will have 4 dice on your next turn.
– OPERATIONS: The long voyage to Mars can get lonely. Being able to contact Earth and correspond with your friends and family helps take the edge off. A 5 or higher in this module will reduce stress. High stress will drastically affect the choices presented to you by the crew during the Side Project phase. A character with low stress will suggest options with a better outcome. High stress options can even make a character mental.
– MEDBAY: In extreme cases, the Medbay can act as a morgue. It’s also where the only toilet is. This module can restore your health to full, If all systems are operational.
– LABORATORY: 5 or higher will get you 3 extra Assists. Being able to block Hazard dice with an Assist will get you out of sticky situations. For example, if you have an Event with a 5 Injury and a 2 Void and you roll 2 fives, you will get 2 Injury to your character. If you had an Assist, it would block the Injury and you would live to tell the tale.
– MAINTENANCE: When you need to repair your Ship, do so here. Adding a pair will get you 2 “Ship” and 3 of a kind will get you a total of 3 Ship. If you run out of Ship you die. It’s a good idea to keep a character near or in this module.

Tharsis guide: THA.12

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