RULES to get Lean | Simple Habits I use

Have you ever noticed that some are able to reach their physique goals, losing the lower belly fat, the lower back fat and the stubborn body fat that resides while most will just get stuck. Perhaps you are someone who has gotten stuck like I once did. You may not be ready to hear the truth, and if not I understand because I was once there as well. Once i put down my reasons for failing and opened my mind the truth it felt right! Let me explain.

Many of us understand the role that calories play in fat loss, they determine if we are in a caloric surplus or a deficit. Do you understand the role that protein, carbs and fats play in your success as an athlete?

Let me explain how you can get ahead of those who get stuck, and reach a physique and a place that you are excited about.

How long does it take to get from 25% to 15% body fat, how about 30% to 10% body fat. These goals are all made possible and easy through habits that include being aware of your daily calorie and macro goals.

Why your plan is not working. 90% will not listen to this advice but those who do will succeed!

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