refreshing & energizing drink

refreshing & energizing drink

Malaysian healthy food recipe. Love yourself & your family. Give it a try and see for yourself. Perfect for any time of day. This recipe has benefits and advantages. It’s low fat. This healthy food recipe has rich & high in antioxidants, mineral & vitamin. This healthy food recipe also can control and reduce cholesterol, diabetes & high blood pressure. You can make it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. This drink is sure to become a new favorite. Natural sugar. Natural sweet. Everyone can drink it. This delicious recipe give you a tasty and healthy dish that will help you stay healthy and refreshed and energetic. Fresh juice. Very simple recipe. Take care of your heart & health. Special natural easy recipe for yourself and family. The best recipe. Good for man too. Every man want this natural drink. Easy and powerful recipe. Diy. Popular recipe among us. Big change after drinking it. How to make it.
Ingredients :
Red apple – 1 big sized
Carrot – 1small sized that has been peeled
Lemon juice – 2 tablespoons
Water – half a cup of boiled water
Grind together. Does not need to be boiled and can be drunk straight away.
You can add honey if you want but if you don’t like it’s not necessary.
You can also add a little salt to make it tastier if you want but if you don’t like it’s not necessary.
Drink 1 cup of this natural juice twice a day. Easy and simple tips. Homemade recipe. Energetic recipe. Secret recipe. Nutritious recipe. Traditional recipe. Fast recipe. Quick recipe. Diet food. Vegan & vegetarian recipes. Natural food. Diet recipe. Antioxidant drink. Antioxidant food. Antioxidant juice. Breakfast recipe. Lunch recipe. dinner recipe.

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