Raw Vegan vs. Raw Fruitarian | How to Choose & Miraculous Benefits

In this newest unique raw food video, we explore the important differences between a raw vegan way of eating and a purely fruitarian living-food lifestyle. Either way of eating offers huge health benefits as they are both plant-based diets that provide the body with the vital life force and nutrients that it needs to enjoy optimum wellness.

We look at how fresh living unprocessed fruits can help to resist disease and, in some cases, even reverse disease. There are case studies and research that support these facts.

Here is the link mentioned in the video for the “Simply Raw” video that shows how several diabetics were able to reverse the disease and live a better life though nothing more than a change in diet:

Simply Raw Link:

Here is a link the “How to get started as a raw vegan video”

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About 5-Min Raw:
Our simple goal here is to inspire you to learn more about a healthy raw vegan lifestyle. Unique raw food recipes that embrace fresh organic uncooked and unprocessed fruits, vegetables, nuts, berries, and seeds is what we get most excited about. We upload new and interesting videos each week that include quick and easy fruit and veggie preparations, tips, tricks, living food meal plans, and creative ideas on the best ways to improve long-term health based upon what you eat.

Disclaimer: We are not medical professionals and make no medical claims. Always consult with your naturopath, doctor, or other health care provider for any medical conditions that you may have or think you have and for your own specific medical needs and requirements. The information presented in these videos is intended to be informational and educational only.

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