RAW VEGAN: how long it took me to heal my body on a low fat raw vegan diet

Hi everyone! So I’m answering another question from a viewer. Nick Costanza asked, “how long did it take you to heal your body completely?” I do know that on a low fat raw vegan diet your body heals mighty fast! You do still have to give yourself time and make sure you provide your body with the right conditions to heal. Even when you feel like you are healed your body is always healing even the smallest of damage that’s done during everyday activities. We are always healing/repairing everyday. Rest assured though that when you eat correctly your doing one of the best things for yourself and your life. God’s plant foods that He created for us provides us with the miracle of pure & perfect health! Enjoy the fun video! 🙂

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Go raw vegan and love being raw! I completely believe in the low fat raw vegan lifestyle that’s for sure! I’m happy to share this lifestyle with anyone and everyone. We all deserve a happy, healthy, and abundant life and a healthy lifestyle does just that. If you are interested in the raw vegan lifestyle, please check out some of these other amazing individuals that can help you in your journey to health and healing:

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Victoria RawVegan

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*I am not claiming to be the health expert, nutritionist, dietitian in anyway. I’m just a regular person sharing my thoughts, opinions, and spreading a positive message to anyone who wants to listen. 🙂

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