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Hello Beautiful People, Get to know me in a fun Q&A video, I am going to be answering the questions you have asked. Let’s chat about life, fitness, health and youtube. Love Roxanne ❤

Question Timestamps:
00:00 Introduction
00:29 Tell us more about yourself
01:54 How did you get into fitness?
02:30 What events did you compete in?
02:55 What got you into kettlebell workout?
03:44 What motivates you?
05:19 Are you going to compete in another bodybuilding competition?
06:40 Do you have a trainer?
08:03 Do you mix strength training with running?
09:11 What is your next goal?
11:00 What has been your biggest struggle?
12:14 What is your proudest moment?
14:37 When and why did you move to Australia?
15:53 Have you ever struggled with body image?
18:09 When did you go vegan and why?
20:24 Do you go workouts other than your YouTube routines?
21:22 How do you manage workout fatigue?
23:06 How important are protein supplements and are they necessary?
24:27 How long do you workout each day?
25:29 Which was your first tattoo and what do they mean?

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