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Is the current vegan trend in bodybuilding real?

Earlier this year, a documentary called The Game Changers was released detailing how meat-based diets are unnecessary and that humans can and should go plant-based. The film made headlines in the bodybuilding world for one big reason – Arnold Schwarzenegger appeared in the film hating on meat and regretting his past chowing down on massive amounts of beef. Shortly after, Kai Greene made a mysterious post on social media implying that he might go vegan. It went viral – and now we are in the era of veganism in bodybuilding. Or are we?

In our latest sit down interview with Mike Rashid, we discussed the vegan trend that seems to be developing in bodybuilding. Rashid had publicly gone plant-based in years past (though he is no longer vegan) and has some experience with how a vegan diet can affect a physique when it comes to bodybuilding and mass monster status. Can a bodybuilder maintain massive muscle on a level like Ronnie Coleman or Kai Greene while only eating meat? And is this really a trend that will catch on in bodybuilding? Or is it just a flash in the pan.

While Mike Rashid was happy with the results of his vegan diet – he does admit it came with a lot of weight loss. This is weight he wanted to lose personally but for a bodybuilder looking to come on stage and do damage with a body size like Brandon Curry or Big Ramy… that might be more of a stretch without meat in your diet.

Mike Rashid expands on the conversation by also discussing intermittent fasting – a diet that has caught on not just in bodybuilding but in mainstream fitness culture across the globe. You can check it all out in our latest GI Exclusive interview above.

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